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Bonnie Card Weingarth

Bonnie is film artist, author, and motivational speaker. She is founder of Golden Dolphins Media Productions and Dolphin and Whale TV. Bonnie has been in the media industry since 2010. She completed her own movies; Wild Dolphin Explorer - The Movie, and Wild Feeding Frenzy in Monterey, CA. Also, over 33 videos with small business clients, corporations, and non-profit organizations.


She graduated from Bethel University, in Minnesota with BA in Organizational Leadership and grew into careers; project management, quality assurance, change management, communication, web design, marketing, business analyst, trainer (trained over 250 people on software and process changes), and video production.

Since 2001, Bonnie has been on spiritual journey, teaching clients self-love through our connection to animals and Mother Earth. She continues to educate herself with other teachers teachings and transforms this information into highest form, so her students can understand and move into higher vibration. She has completed certification for Assertiveness Coach, Animal Communication, Dolphin and Whale Energy, Reiki Master, and more spiritual and energy work. Facilitates group meditations.

She has attended San Francisco Film Society and Santa Rosa College film courses. Worked with non-profit TV stations in Del Mar, CA and Petaluma, CA. Master Classes in acting, editing (final cut pro) comedy, directing, producer, film, script writing, and TV writing.